Thoughts on composing Pandora’s Box (by Alex Woolf)

“At the heart of Pandora’s Box is the tangled web of relationships within a group of five friends. This network of trust and deceit, secrets and half-truths, is of course ideal dramatic fodder for any opera. Moreover, it strikes me as positively dripping with musical possibility, and so I’ve been guided at every turn by the relationship of these characters to one another when constructing the score and determining how the music should unfold.”

Thoughts on writing music for a new opera (by Dani Howard)

To me, the main difference between this project and all of my other work was the sheer length. A 90-minute opera is significantly different to the 2-15 minute pieces I have been used to writing. The only way I can describe this difference, would be like that of writing a short story versus a novel.