Bringing the score of Goldilocks and The Three Little Pigs to life (by Paul Wingfield)

“As a conductor there is much that is impressive about this jaunty and violent score: the imaginative orchestration, the slick pacing and simple, strong architecture immediately spring to mind. It is, however, the intimate and playful relationship that exists between the words and music which is the greatest gift to the creative team…”

On finding inspiration for Goldilocks and The Three Little Pigs (by Pedro Ribeiro)

““What happens to us as we get older that makes us forget how good it is to fly?” I could today reply to that same question… the gravitational force of the digital world is just too strong to let me fly as a kid does with just a fish on his hand (in fact the fish is a balloon but he pretends not to know about it)…”

Show me the money

More money or less art? Antony Feeny examines the economics of opera

The old stories (by Dominic Kimberlin)

As night falls, shadows breed between the trees. The firelight dances around the clearing as darkness swells and blooms. With every flicker of the fire, the shadows scuttle back and forth, and our eyes are drawn further into the gloom. Out of these dark places, thick with rich and fertile soil, stories can grow…

Once upon a time…

There are so many different steps to creating an opera, each as exhilarating as the next: from choosing the story, to finding the right creative team, to hearing and seeing your vision come to life, it is as much a steep learning-curve as a magic act…

A libretto comes to life: JL Williams

For an idea to begin as a spark in one’s heart and mind, and to be so close to seeing it blazing in full voice, music, light, costume, set and drama on stage, is almost more than I can comprehend. ..

Composing Snow: Lewis Murphy

It was a delight to be able to compose for a medium-sized cast of singers and a large ensemble, which offers an inexhaustible variety of tonal colours and shades…

Composing Snow: Lucie Treacher

Composer Lucie Treacher tells us about her experience composing Snow’s second act: “Death of the Seven Dwarves”